Copy from chipotle’s paper bag

This copy isn’t completely mind-blowing by any stretch, it’s more the medium that’s interesting. It was written on the paper bag my burrito came in the other day, and though it’s extremely simple, it made me read to the end, which is my measure for good writing. You’re better off clicking on the image and reading it from there, it’s nicer that way.

Dear Chipotle,

Thanks for keeping me in mind as you go about your business. People seem to just forget I’m around once in a while which is weird considering I weigh about 6,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons. It would be easier for you to just build the cheapest restaurant possible. But by making strides to save energy you’re helping me out a ton. By the way, nice job which the wind turbine on the Gurnee, IL. Store. Loving that. So, thanks Chipotle, keep it real, Earth.

Ps. I love your guac.



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